Joseph Allworthy

Still lifes

Joseph Allworthy, an American artist, was born in Pennsylvania on September 19, 1892. He hails from a family of artists; his father, a decorator and illustrator and his grandfather and great uncles muralists who painted for the Catholic Church. He began his formal studies at the Art Institute Chicago in 1907 under Reynolds, then went on to study at the Grand Central in New York. In 1918 He went to Europe . In Munich, while studying with Carlos Marr, World War I broke out and he was forced to flee. In 1920 he moved on to Paris, where he met Max Meldrum and painted for two years before he moved to Spain. It was in Spain, after a visit to el Museo del Prado (Prado), that he found the greatest artistic expression that aligned with his personal feelings and way of thinking about art. From that experience, his admiration for Velazquez became noted throughout his own work. Through Velazquez, Joseph found his own personality and truly learned the relationship the artist has with his model.

It is noted that the American painters of distinction at the time (Whistler, Sargent) found the European atmosphere as vital for their work, of which Joseph Allworthy was no exception.

For Joseph, painting came down to tone, form and color. He did not want his concept of art to come down to class struggles, psychoanalysis, or delirious geometric figures. He would say that ‘our eyes can discover simple realities more beautiful than any forced, created imaginations.’ Joseph’s favorite subject was the human figure. When he was young and inexperienced, he admired Sorolla, Zorn, Sargent. Later, with greater experience, study and comprehension, he learned to admire the great masters: Ticiano, Velazquez, Rembrandt, Chardin, Raeburn, Corot, Manet…

“Joseph Allworthy is among the best modern portrait artists, and one of the top still life painters, creating original and exquisite pieces. He has shown his works in the most prestigious venues throughout the United States and has won many awards. He exhibited one of his masterpiece still lifes in the World’s Fair of 1933 held in Chicago.”
-Continente 1947

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